Dr Stone - 12 | Best ScreenShots

Dr. STONE is a serialized manga and anime series created by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi. After a cataclysm causes everyone in the world to turn to stone, two boys' awaken, and struggle to revive humanity. This epic struggle quickly turns into a fight between Science and Might - and who, exactly, deserves to be revived.

And today we have the Best Screenshots in episode 12


We start with those amazing screens


The episode introduced an angel new character 
which was nice before she showed her truth


Kohaku also appeared in some beautiful screens


Ginro in this episode had a main role
and acted like a hero


Senku & Chrome appeared as a good team
and they also had some funny moments


And finally we ends with a nice screen 💖


Tell us in comments which Screenshot you liked most and share us your opinion about our work

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