Dr Stone Episode 13 | Best Scenes

Dr Stone episode 13 contained some amazing animation , we talked about some in : Dr Stone Episode 13 | Best GiFs but some scenes need the sound and subtitle to feel the full power of it .
Today we have the Best Scenes in episode 13 of Dr.Stone

1- Eyes of Science :

After the amazing start of kinrou in the fight with magma , we reached the climax when kinrou fall to the ground due to his eyes illness which he Deliberated not to tell anyone about , but Suika noticed as she had same illness when senku helped her by making her some glasses 
Suika gave kinrou her glass to enable him from seeing his enemy , it was really a great help and the animators and music made it more amazing
see the full scene here :

2- Magma Defeat :

"Had science helped me conquer my eyes,
I would have surpassed your strength long ago."
with those words kinrou announced magma defeating 



Which scene you liked most ? is there another scenes you think it's better ? share us your opinion in comments and we sure will read it 

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