Dr Stone Episode 13 | Best Shots

Unlike the previous episode of Dr Stone, this episode was full of excitement and suspense in several stages, personally did not expect the big fight to start so quickly, and now we have got some good shots and exciting scenes

If you haven't seen Dr Stone yet, there's a lot of fun and excitement waiting for you , You can also check the anime information on my anime list From Here

The Anime like Dr Stone contains many amazing shots. If you are looking for someone to collect them,so you are in the right place

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in this episode Senku the main character showed his seriousness in some shots , when you see him you must think in " How amazing the scince is !!"


This episode had also some Nice shots ✨

In some shots the full group appeared 


One of the things that distinguishes Dr Stone is his comedy style, I don't think everyone will love him


I said that i didn't expect the big fight to start this fast but what surprised me most was Kinrou moves and training results 


For end we have some other good shots 



That's all for this episode
Tell us in comments which shot you liked most and share us your opinion about our work

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