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Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer , some people see it the best anime in 2019 , but some won't agree and they have their reasons , whether you think it's the best or not i'm sure if you watched it you've definitely enjoyed the anime in general but if you haven't seen it yet, I strongly advise you to do so Now !!

In Episode 26 we saw some special things and here we show them with Best Shots in the Episode.

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1. Best Shots
2. Break Screens
3. Backgrounds
4. Best GiFs
5. Best Animated Scene


Best Shots

From some episodes we saw Rui the lower Moon Five , it was too strong to Tanjiro but not to Giyu , and now we see the other 5 moons  


The second surprising thing is the appearance of Kibutsuji Muzan himself but these time in a woman appearance !!
we captured all the frames he appeared in and collected the best only , you don't see Muzan everyday , he also was full of arrogance and vanity but no one can blame him as he is the Strongest Demon ever 


Muzan control and effect on the demons was very clear , his voicethem filled them with fear and terror

But Muzan didn't hesitate to kill any of them,
seems he intended to do so from the beginning but killed them in the scariest way as if he was avenging them


After this bloody scene only one has survived and seems he will be the next enemy after getting some of Muzan's blood


In other place and time , Tanjiro and his team was preparing for their next mission , but Tanjiro didn't let it be normal farewell moments as he encouraged everyone in a nice and special way starting with Aoi


Kanao also was so nice this time , she even talked to Tanjiro !!! who could imagine she has a voice !!!!! 


As Tanjiro did with Aoi he encouraged Kanao and taught her a new way in life , How Nice is Tanjiro !!! 
I really liked this moments 💖


Don't forget those little girls , 
They helped Tanjiro and the others a lot in the last episodes and were very nice 
i will miss them 😢


For Tomioka's fans there are some shots for him in the episode , Giyu always has a luxury appearance , i really like when he say or do something , maybe i will make a thread for all of his Best Shots in the Anime 


As usual there were some funny shots 😂


And it's time to leave

I Could understand that Inosuke didn't see or hear about a train in his life but not Tanjiro also !!! 


Tanjiro and Nezuko prove for us again how strong their relation is ❤️


"Demon Train Arc anime film announced"
I'm very excited for what's coming


Other good Shots



Break Screens
in episode 26 they were very good as all the other episodes but they were special too
And if you have time see also our pervious thread  : All of Kimetsu no Yaiba Break Screens


We always like to shot and meditate the backgrounds in the animes especially when they have ufotable's style



Best GiFs

Here we have an amazing Animation when one of the demons tried to escape from Muzan


Tanjiro's training got it's results

This scene describes how kanao felt after Tanjiro's acts with her


Best Animated Scene

When you talk about Kibutsuji Muzan so you are talking about the strongest demon ever who lived more than a THOUSAND years !! 
he finally appeared for a long time in episode 26 but when he appeared he fed up with the lower moons demons because of their extreme weakness , although we watched in episodes 18-19 how much it was hard for Tanjiro to reach one of them !! 
Anyway , Muzan decided to kill them all but one of the demons tried to escape , he was so fast and agile but even with this he couldn't realize when he was beheaded !!! 
How strong and fast is Muzan !! 
Do you imagine that Tanjiro intends to defeat this person !?!! 
on the other hand the scene contained a good music and animation , i don't know how many times i repeated this moment !!


And here we reach the end of our thread 
i know it was somehow long but i tried to do my best in it 

Did you liked it ? is there something you didn't like ? 
Tell us in comments which part you liked most , tell us also if you have any suggestions or ideas 

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