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kimetsu no yaiba is one of the most popular Animes in recent months and today we introduce Nezuko as one of his cutest characters with the Best of her Screenshots in the Anime 💖💖 

❗️ Notices : 

- This thread will contains the screenshots of the episodes [1-15] under the title of part 1 , we will publish the part 2 soon 

- You can download all the screenshots included in that thread from one file , to use it as wallpaper of profile picture or anything , you will find the link at the end of the thread


First of all Nezuko was a human , and i think most people forgot how she how she looked at that time , she was cute , pretty and very nice.


Although she became a demon , Nezuko proved that she still has a human heart 💖 when she defended her brother Tanjiro from Giyu ignoring her extreme hunger


Nezuko as a demon avoids the sunlight
but in her case she do that in a nice way

She also developed a strong willpower as she refused to consume human flesh or blood, even in cases of extreme injury or exposure to human blood , How cute and strong she is !! 

Nezuko has an amazing power so she helps her brother in his fights and she really offers a big help


As a price for its great power Nezuko has to sleep a lot of time to regain her energy and heal herself and she really looks so cute when she sleep or feel asleep


If Nezuko became angry , 
don't stop her as she always ready to fight !!


Even after the hard moments , Nezuko supports Tanjiro in a nice way 💖 who don't want a hug from that cute angel ?! 😭💖


Finally , Nezuko is Cute all the Time !!


No No wait !! That's not all !!
Nezuko appeared also in the ending with very beautiful screenshots , check them too



That's All for that thread
Wait us in the part 2 which includes the episodes [16-26]

and who don't need Nezuko as a wallpaper or profile pictrue ?
so as i said you can download all the screenshots from one file here :
Mega  - Google Drive

Tell us in comments which Screenshot you liked most and share us your opinion about the thread
✨ Thank you ✨

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